The very first thing you should do is go to this link and fill out
the form: http://www.isrr.net/registration.shtml  This is for the
ISRR - it is a registry for adoptees and birth parents and is a mutual
consent registry.  Instructions on what to do with this form are at:

Next, go here: http://www.the-seeker.com/relative.htm
If you haven't already posted a message in The-Seeker, when you
get to this page, look to the left and click where it shows you to
post your own message.  Make note of the message number
after you have done so!

To Search Our Database:
Where it says categories, click on "check all" and in keywords, just
keep plugging in different info to see if you can find a "match".
For instance, type in the name of the hospital, the adoptee, or the
birth parent's name as listed on your birth certificate, if you're
lucky enough to have one.  When typing in your birth date, try every
variation that you can think of.  For example, June 22, 1952 could
be typed in as 06/22/52 - 6/22/52 - 52/6/22 - 1952 June 22 - I'm sure
you get the picture here. Try the attorney's name, doctor's name, your
birth weight - anything you can think of.  When you click on "seek
now", any message posted that has your keyword or phrase in it will
come up. There are also quite a few more adoption resources listed
below in the actual search links.  Again... check the alumni
registries.  Here is a good place to get started:
Bob's Adoption Links - Very Good link!
ADOPTION INFO - good stuff!
Find Adoption Laws for all States
Adoptees' Liberty Movement Association
One more thing... if you can find a birth name, and know what hospital
you were born in, ask your family Dr. to request your birth records.
While files are sealed at the agency/state level, hospitals are often
not involved in this process and many times these records come with
birthparent's names intact as well as other identifying information.
Your Dr.  should not mention adoption, only a medical necessity/need.
If YOU request these records, you will be told that they no longer
exist, or have been destroyed.  In fact, they were most likely
transferred to microfiche or film before the hard copy was disposed
of and take a Drs order to research and retrieve.