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Survival bracelet small = 8 1/2 inches for $4.00 -  w/embedded fishhook - $5.00
Survival bracelet medium = 9 inches  for $4.00 -  w/embedded fishhook - $5.00
Survival bracelet large = 9 1/2 inches for $5.00 -  w/embedded fishhook - $6.00
Survival bracelet X large = 10 inches  for $6.00 -  w/embedded fishhook - $7.00
Dog Collars - $8.00 - $12.00

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Keychain with any $20 order!!!!

Almost ANY color/color combination IMAGINABLE available!!!
FAMILY Christmas gifts!  Get the whole family
their favorite
TEAM COLORS!!!   [Go Broncos!!!]
These make super cool
FAMILY REUNION gifts and are a HOT
item for those Fund Raisers!!!

When ordering your colors, the FIRST color you list will be the main
color and will run down the MIDDLE.  The SECOND color you list
will be the edging color.  In the example we have here,  the top bracelet
would be ordered as ORANGE and BLUE. If ordering the colors like
they are in the bottom bracelet, you would order BLUE and ORANGE.
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About Me....

Being a highly motivated young man and having been brought up in the Rockie Mountains, I
have learned many skills one needs to survive in case you get lost in this rugged and wild
place.  Fishing has always been a favorite thing of mine to do.  As a young boy, little did I know
that what I was learning to do as a fun way to help feed our family, was also a skill that may
well save my life or the lives of those I love someday - I learned to be able to FEED us!

We all keep hearing about ways to be prepared for natural disasters and other types of
emergencies where we may have to fend for ourselves out in the wilderness.  Most
advertisements I've seen for these kinds of things cost an arm and a leg and I don't know
about your family, but mine isn't made out of money and if we had to rely on those expensive
alternatives to survive... Well... We probably wouldn't...  

That is what got me to thinking that there are lots of folks out there in the same boat.  We want
to be able to provide for ourselves and our families in case of an emergency without causing a
financial burden or hardship to do so.  As I research other ways to help myself and my family, I
will be adding more products.  To begin with, I wanted to be able to offer everyone a useful,
compact, attractive and AFFORDABLE item.  The Survival on the Go bracelet fits the bill!!!

These survival bracelets are made out of parachute cord. The are VERY strong.  Think about
it... They hold big guys who jump out of airplanes!!! Inside of each cord, you will find SEVEN
little strands of this powerful line and guess what???  Each strand can be used as fishing
line, among many, many other things.  A medium bracelet has two four foot para-cord ropes,
therefore the string inside is same length. If you tied them all together, minus the rope, you
would have 56 feet of string!!!!!

They can be ordered with or without the embedded fishing hooks.  They are designed to be a
compact survival tool and offer you SO many uses...  I will be adding photos and suggestions
of other things you can do with this amazing little Survival on the Go tool SOON!!  

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