Howdy everyone,

Well, the back pack is finally home in Australia....  Here is Elisi CC Gentle Sun at the airport in Pittsburgh
getting ready to leave.  Below, you will see the bag from start to finish but first I wanted to share what
she had to say about her new bag.....  This kind of bag sells for $750 plus s/h.

Wish you could have seen it in person!!  This bag's bottom was square with each side being 10 inches.  It
was sewn on with big chunky stitches.  The rest of the bag really had no shape.  It was 19 inches tall and
the mouth, if it had been square, would have had each side being 14 inches.  It has 21 grommets across
the top and the handles you see below were really neat to make.  Remember, I start with a hide and all
holes are hand punched and hand sewn.  The bead work was done by my friend LindaDinda and I think of
all the things she has made for me, this one is my favorite.  The thing that was neat about this particular
design (it is 12 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide), is that the design works whether the bag sits on its
bottom or is worn like a sling. The handles easily fold inside of the mouth and there is a flap built in for
when she cinches it down.  You'll see a picture of the little pocket I made for the spider line so it didn't
dangle and get in the way.  Nice and clean....  There is a pocket on the inside with a nice flap that has a
magnetic closing that also has a pocket behind it.  The bag was made with a whole hide that was about 14
sq ft.  I doubled up the leather.  It was a scary project because I kept working on it and kept working on it
and it never really seemed like I was making progress and then all of a sudden, within days, it was done!  
LindaDinda did a great job matching the browns in the bead work and the leather.

This is a photo of the bottom and the brass feet I used in case she needs to sit it down like that.  There
are 5 of these on the bottom and sit about 1/2 an inch off of the ground.  Note the bottom of this bag is
turned so that it is a diamond shape.  

This little pocket was designed to put the spider cord into so it didn't dangle and get in the way.  Ya just
stuff it right in there and then snap it shut.  You can see where it sits on the bag in the second photo.

Another little pocket is on the outside BACK of the bag and rests against her left hip when it is worn like
a sling with the mouth of the bag pointing forward.  That is how she will be wearing the bag for the most
part.  Anyway, she wanted a pocket for easy and secure access that was not to cumbersome to get into
so her camera is always at the ready.  

This is the inside flap that one would fold over the top of all things inside before pulling the spider wire
taut.  The two handles fold neatly inside as well.  I used a double layer of leather for the whole bag so it
is nice and clean looking inside and out...  

This is a very sturdy inside pocket that when the bag is worn as a sling bag would be on the inside of the
bag but opposite of her left hip on the bag.  Make sense?  It has a magnetic closure and is very secure
as well as a little pocket behind it that does not have a flap for quick access for incidentals.  

The bag has 21 grommets and is butter soft so it lays really nicely when cinched up with the spider cord.

When the bag sits on its bottom and one needs to lift it up in that position, the side handle will come in
quite handy.  There is a closeup shot in the picture on the right.  This is a LARGE bag and you could fill it
up with bricks and this little handle will "handle" it just fine...

The handles at the very top at the mouth are quite sturdy as well...

Here's a few shots of the hardware.  NO plastic!  All brass... looked nice too.

Here's some of the stitching...  I use beading needles so I can triple stitch each hole.  They're the only
needles skinny enough to do that with without punching a hole for each stitch the size of Texas...

This is looking down into the bag from the top main opening that is underneath the main
flap that you will see next.  It has three very strong magnetic closures and then the beaded flap
goes over the top and is then secured with a twist lock...  This opening is 13 inches long.

Here's the flap that covers that main opening.  There is a regular snap hidden on the left side of this
flap to keep it from sagging when the bag is sitting on the bottom.  As you can see, the design
works either way and the fringe tassel can be turned the other way as well..   Sure were a LOT
of stitches on this bag!!!  So ya know, I eyeball my holes and stitches.

This shot will kinda show ya the duality of the bag.  I like the design a lot as this bag can be used
many different ways.  

This one shows the heavy duty shoulder strap that she will use for the sling bag angle.  They don't
show up very clearly, but her initials are branded into that strap... CCGS....  I think this is one of Linda
Dinda's most beautiful pieces of bead work....  CC didn't even know about it.  It was a surprise.

The front of the bag laid out flat, then with the mouth open then the back side laid out flat with the mouth

This is holding the bag open - that is the inside flap there that is looking kinda funky... BIG isn't it? You
could fit a small child in there!  hahahaha!
Here's a close up of the Linda Dinda's beadwork too!!
This is the second original bag designed and
handcrafted by Elisi FiveHawks that I am very proud
to own. Once again, the craftsmanship is excellent
but whereas the first bag, being pale cream in color
with long fringes, is somewhat delicate, this one is
as spacious as it is sturdy.  After a couple of days’
wear, my thought was that the ultimate purpose of
this creation, albeit unintentional, must be for it to
become a family heirloom.
Fully lined in leather as it is and the stitching being truly
elegant but *heavy duty*, and what with attention to
detail clearly visible, such splendid work has got to be
intended for more than one lifetime, surely
:)  Looking at
it carefully once again, I can’t help but think that this
particular bag reflects the generous spirit of artisan
who made it all happen.  The bead work by Linda Dinda,
a surprise organized by Elisi FiveHawks, is the amazing
finishing touch for a bag that is nothing short of amazing.
Keep safe, dear friend,