WalkingCrow Originals
This page gives you some ideas on how to decorate
the item you are ordering...
click on images to enlarge.
These leather disks are handpainted by
an old associate of mine.  Each disk is 3"
in diameter and are $20.00 + $5.00 s/h.
This price will added to the price of your
bag. They will be inset into the leather of
your item and they are really sharp
looking.  These here are just samples so
if you don't see an animal or winged one
that you would like on your item, no
problem... Just tell me what you want and
I will order it for you right away.  You will
need to send me the $25.00 upfront.
Commercial Bead Patches
Here is a sample of some of the commercial bead patches I have, or can get for you.  The cost to
add one of these to your item is $5.00.  If you want a traditional handmade bead patch, those run
$25.00 each.  You can see samples of those on
LindaDinda's page.  Linda will create a wonderful
bead patch for you by working with you on the colors you want and the design as well. Again, the
$25.00 will be added to your purchase total.  The ones you see here have been put on different
colors of leather so you can better see how they will look on the leather you choose for me to do
your project.  I also have small dreamcatchers in several colors if you would rather have those, OR,
you can have both - one on the front and one on the back!
Fringe Options
Whether you want your fringe to be very simple or complex, I can
accommodate you.  Below, you'll find lots of different ideas and color
schemes.  Again, I will work very closely with you and help you choose what will
be "just right" for your taste... I've found that some people like brass instead of the nickel
tones.  Most people ask me to add both brass and silver (nickel) so it will go
with anything.  You decide...  
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