Talking Sticks
The first Talking Stick featured on
this page was made for Joy Wilkins
and her groom Jeremy.  The were
married on April 28, 2007.  
Pictures do not do this Talking Stick justice.  It is a wonderful length at about 3 ft long.  Very elegant...
The cost for a stick of this size is between $100.00 and $300.00, depending on what you want on it....   
The stone I chose for the top of
this Talking Stick, since it was for a
wedding, was Rose Quartz - the
stone of Love...  On the backside
of the Stick, there are two tiny
Strawberries.  To read about the
significance of Strawberries to the
Cherokee, go here:
Origin of Srawberries.
A handy-dandy hook to display
this lovely piece was a must!
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Bill's Talking Stick
SOLD $200.00
The client that ordered this TalkingStick for her friend Bill was very patient with me.  The first
stick I found is one I stared at for 6 months or more waiting for it to tell me what it wanted to
be...  I finally decided it just wasn't the right stick so me and my husband went on a trek to find
THE stick!  We walked and he carried lots of different sticks and branches I thought might work.  
Then I saw it.....  It looked up at me from the ground and I knew.  Blue Heron.  That evening
when I got home, the client wrote me and asked if maybe I could change one of the original
Totems we had discussed.  She asked if we could include Blue Heron....  Yes, this stick
definitely speaks it mind!!!  Hahahahaha!