This bag is 10' X 10
WalkingCrow Original....
o'siyo,  Please scroll down to the Table of Contents to see examples of my custom  made items - HANDBAGS, medicine
pouches, GUN SCABBARDS,  braided leather hat bands, CAMERA BAGS, cellphone cases, BELT WALLETS, tobacco
pouches, TALKING STICKS - all handcrafted by me, Simone Keevert,  a Wyoming resident of Delaware Cherokee
descent. Not only are my leather goods  stylish, they are functional as well and with just a little care,  will last you a lifetime
(links for leather cleaning tips are at the very bottom of this page). I make everything in the traditional fashion, with
each piece of leather and fringe hand cut.  And I don't use plastic on my products --- all adornments are made
from glass, brass, silver, bronze, wood, or bone.  
Here are some ideas for you...

My creations are handmade except for using my household Singer sewing machine to reinforce wear strain or stress
areas, such as where straps or handles are attached. I use my machine then only in order to make your bag as secure as
possible---after all, don't we all want to be stress-free?"

I start from scratch with a hide and build from the ground up. Since each piece is individually made, it can be as
unique as you might want. So, if there is something particular you have in mind, you and I working closely
together can design it so it is "just right"! But, if while looking around the site, you see a particular style
or item you like, let me know its name and the page it is on, and I will gladly make one up for you. No two items will
ever be alike, but I can make you something in that general style.  

Those of you who want professional beading on your item will find a very interesting selection of bead patterns
when you visit Linda Dinda's page (the link is a bit further down --- even if you think you do not want beadwork,
you will enjoy seeing her art).  She does beautiful work, so it will be a pleasure for me to add one of her creations
to what I am making for you. And if you have a specific color scheme for one of her designs, please let me know;
Linda can work that in to your selection. The cost, $25.00 per patch, will be added to your total.

To see considerably more of my work, use the Table of Contents' links (below) to reveal a wide variety of leather
work and canvas paintings. I think there will be something of interest on each page, so please take the time to look
at ALL of them. Most of the items in my website have already been sold, but I will be happy to create something for you.
Cost will be dependent on what you want. A 50%, non-refundable downpayment is required before you are
officially added to my Work Roster.  I have orders that are about 3/4  of a year out at all times, so if you are serious about
wanting a WalkingCrow Original, don't drag your feet!  Shipping and insurance
will be calculated when your order is complete.  I ship world-wide.
It is an honor to have your here, so please... relax and enjoy yourself...
Drop me an email and I'll see if
I can help you out....  Wado!
Table of Contents
(clickable page links below)
Jody's black bag
Johnnie - feathers
Mike Brown leather pouch
SweetFire's bag
Melanie's bag
Jenny's MoonWolfEagleBear handbag
James Plate - Turtle Belt Wallet
Lori Pass - Replica Grizzly Claw
University of Tennessee at Martin - Gray pouch
University of Tennessee at Martin - Buckskin Butterfly
University of Tennessee at Martin - Black Doe Skin
Judi Poppleton's Handbag
Abalone, wooden floral deerskin
Twisted Hair Pipe
Baby Blue Round
BarefootRaven's black pouch
Brian's Rock Bag
Brian's Padded Phone Case
Mr Holm's Camera Bag
Mr Holm's Cellphone Bag
Mr Holm's Belt Wallet
Mr Holm's SECOND Belt Wallet
Kristopher 's Rifle Scabbard
Clan Mother PeacefulWind's bag
Jesse's Gun Scabbard
Cooper's Gun Scabbard
Andy Johnson's Gun Scabbard
Charlene's small leather bag
The Original WalkingCrow Original
(Simone's Handbag
Heather's Dragonfly bag
CC's Bag
Amber's Dreamcatcher Charm
Elisi FiveHawks' Dance Shawl
Toye Calkins' Turq Suede Wallet
Scott's Black Belt Wallet
Kandy's Gray Wolf Bag
Panther of the MoonWind bag
Rust tobacco pouch
Gray tobacco pouch w/abalone
Rust small bag with adobe beads
Elisi SwanDances -
West Virginia Sharon-Black w/silver
teardrop dreamcathcer
LaughingCrow Medicine Bag
Naomi Whitehurst Wolf Bag
Carl Slagle Gray Tobacco Pouch
Carl Slagle Golden Elk Tobacco Pouch
Dr Chuck's Feather Pouch
Usdi's bag
Rosann's bag
Turquoise, coral, brass
Rose's bag
Annie'sGoldenElk-tobacco pouch
Daniel McCadden - Green
CMWWW - Double-decker Tobacco Pouch
Gabby's Little Pink Bag
Chris Childs Eyeglasses Case
Jana's bag
White Simple
Black PhoenixBear
Annie's Gray Cig. Case
Elisi SwanDances
Harold's 6 Tong Braided Hatband
Chrystal's Dolphin Bag
CC's Rock Bag
Monda's Travelin' Bag
Camille and Lucy's double pocket pouches
Jenn's tobacco pouch
GoldWing's bag
Amber's black bag
Some of my beadwork
CC's Replica Grizzly Claw
Kal's MorningStar Tarot Pouch
Josh's Great White Shark tooth Pendant
Simone's Paintings
Mustard Flats
Grandnmother Rusty's Painting  
(StarChild, or NoquisiAyoli)
Crimson Blessing
Crow's Nest
Desert Moon
Hidden Treasures painted for John
and Stephanie Curry
Now featuring handmade
LAMPWORK beads!!!!!
The price of your bag will be dependent upon many factors.  Contact me directly so
we can go over exactly what you are wanting. Prices range between $35 and $750.
Please know that your purchase may take a few months as this is not something
I rush.  Time of delivery will depend on how many orders are ahead of you.
My Favorite Links
Violet Waves
~ Intuitive Medium, Channel and Animal Empath~
~ Juels Yaklin~
For those searching for people, I have a web page that has all of the search info I have compiled over my many years
of solving my own search for my birth father and brothers. This will take you about half an hour to read, but may
well help you find who you're looking for.... I am a retired Search Angel for
The-Seeker  as well and have helped
countless others reunite with their lost ones.  Although I no longer actively search, the tips in this site will get you
headed in the right direction.
My Search Links and Info

Advice for those that have an Adoption Related
Search - Some good "How To's"and where to begin.
Bob's Adoption Search Links
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WalkingCrow Originals
I use some of Sarah's products for the handbags I make.  They're GREAT!
EYE SEE YOU Consulting aka
PEEK-A-BOO Enterprises
My friend Andrey from Russia!!!!

Several years ago, I tried to help Andrey find someone here in the United States that he was
looking for.  Like with many people I have tried to help, Andrey and I became fast friends.  He
is a young, aspiring artist.  Please keep in mind that Andrey does not have the modern tools to
work with like most artists here in the US have. The photo below is one he took of a field just
outside of his village over there in Russia.  
This link takes you to his website, where you will
see the painting he did of this place.  Hope you enjoy it!!!!  
 If you wish to purchase any
of Andrey's work, you can contact him at
WalkingCrow Originals to the Rescue!!
The Trinity School Project
<-------Click on CC's
back pack picture to see
the rest of it!!!
Direct from the Navajo, Zuni, Cherokee, Apache and Artists from All Nations...    
Native American Stuff, specializing in fine Native American made wholesale
fashion jewelry and authentic Native crafts & regalia....