WalkingCrow Originals
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Abalone - closeup front of bag
Abalone, wooden floral beads
light deerskin, brass cones.
$350.00 - SOLD
Abalone fringe closeup
Twisted Hair Pipe
fringe closeup
Twisted Hair Pipe
w/ black & brass
$185.00 - SOLD
BarefootRaven's black pouch
$110.00 - SOLD
LindaDinda's LAMPWORK Beads
CC's Bag... Start to Finish
Baby Blue Round
$105.00 - SOLD
Brian's Rock Bag
$105.00 - SOLD
Front View...
Beadwork by LindaDinda
Top View
Back View
Angle shot...
Both ends look the same...
End Shot
Mr Holm's Cell Phone Bag - $215.00
Side View
Mr Holm's Camera Bag
$650.00 - SOLD
This camera bag has two compartments, each being 4 1/2" X 7".  It is made of a leather liner and then there is 1/4" foam on
all sides and in the middle with 1/2" foam on the bottom. It has a 6 braid tong strap.  The bottom has silver studs to keep the
stitches from wearing and is made of a slicker hide, which can be weather-proofed.  Please note the unique strap placement.  
This allows for better balance and has less of a tendancy to slip off of your shoulder.  Makes a nice arm rest too!
Mr Holm's FIRST Belt Wallet
4.5" X 3.5" X .75"
Back w/Belt Loop
Side View
Mr Holm's SECOND Belt Wallet
5.5" X 3.5" X 1.00"
Brian's Padded 6" X 4" Phone Case
$220.00 - SOLD
Judi's handbag